A Company 7th Battalion the Rifles

There are opportunities for Army Reserves to support Regular Rifles Battalions on operations and training. The jobs within the Battalion are not restricted to the infantry role as Chefs, Combat medics, Anti-Tank operators and administrators also form part of the Battalion. Training concentrates on the military aspect but there are plenty of opportunities to undertake adventurous training and sport as well.
As a member of the Rifles , you'll be trained to use both small arms and larger weapons and be proficient in field craft. As well as gaining traditional Infantry skills, you can also train as Radio Operators, Medical Orderlies, Chefs, Drivers and more.

We train every Tuesday from 19.30-21.30 plus one or two weekends a month.

Edward Brooks Barracks
Cholswell Road
OX13 6HW
Tel: 01235 548003