• 7 Rifles

7th Battalion The Rifles

7 Rifles is an Infantry Battalion that exists to support the Regular Army on Operations and Training
The Battalion is structured into sub units called companies which are located in Reading (HQ), Abingdon (A) and London (F & G).
There are numerous roles within the unit in addition to that of Infantry Soldier as there is always a need for chefs, medics and administrators. Training concentrates on the military skills, but there are plenty of opportunities to undertake adventurous training, sport and develop new friends.
As a member of the Rifles, you'll be trained to use both small arms and larger weapons and be proficient in “field craft”. The opportunity to gain qualifications and skills that help develop individuals makes the Army Reserve a valued contributor to Society and employers.
Roles within the Battalion are not restricted to Infantry we also have

  • Military Chefs

  • Combat Medics

  • Human Resource Specialists

  • Bandsmen/Women

All of the support roles including the band are open to females

Every Tuesday evening from 7.30 pm-9.30 pm and at least one weekend a month.

Brock Barracks
Oxford Road
RG30 1HW
Tel: 0118 953 0231
Email: 7RIFLES-ROSO@mod.uk