HQ Company 7th Battalion the Rifles

Headquarter Company (HQ) exists to support 7 Rifles by providing the specialists that allow the Rifle companies to train. While there are opportunities for Supply specialists, Chefs, Medical, Clerical staff and in Communications there is also an Assault Pioneer Platoon (Combat Engineers) and an infantry platoon (Swindon).All soldiers in HQ company consider themselves soldiers first and specialists second.  It is not all work however, as soldiers from HQ Company take part in adventure training, sport and regular social events. 

Every Tuesday evening from 7.30 pm Every Tuesday evening from 7.30 pm-9.30 pm and at least one weekend a month. 

Brock Barracks
Oxford Road
RG30 1HW
Tel: 0118 953 0231
Email: 7RIFLES-PSAOHQCoy@mod.uk