Encouraging Support to the Reserves and Cadets

Encouraging Support to the Reserves and Cadets

One of our core functions is to maintain an active engagement with the wider Civil Community and Employers to inform them of the activities undertaken, and the valuable contributions made by Reservists, Adult Instructors and Cadets.

Our Civil Armed Forces Briefings are delivered to all counties in the South-East through a powerful, multi-media presentation, allowing us to update the community on developments within Defence from a Tri-Service perspective.

 If you feel you would benefit from attending one of our briefings please contact our Director of Communication

Employer Engagement events highlight the vast skillset that the Reservists and Adult instructors bring to the workplace. The support of the employer is essential to enable them to undergo training and to maximise their professionalism in their additional and voluntary role.

If you would like to attend an employer event please contact our Regional Employer Engagement Director