Providing the Best Place to Work and Train

Providing the Best Place to Work and Train

Newtown training area will accommodate exercises up to company strength. The full 810 acres is available as long as the range is not in use. The coastline bordering the north side is ideal for beach landings and a creek running for two miles along the western boundary provides an area that is suitable for watermanship training.

The range consists of a 300 metre, 10 lane ETCGR with two electric targets on each lane and a 25 metre pistol range.

Jersey Camp is modern and fully equipped, offering accommodation for up to 120 personnel. The camp has a combined mess and dining room with excellent kitchen facilities, a TV/video area, and washing machines with drying facilities and separate rooms and showers for females. Security measures include a guardroom equipped with CCTV and there is an armoury and ammunition store on site. Should additional accommodation be required, there is a tented camp adjacent to the site.

Due to the quality, quantity and rarity of the flora, fauna, birds, butterflies, spiders, moths, fungi, mosses, galls and ponds at Jersey Camp, the site has enjoyed SSSI(Site of Special Scientific Interest) status since 1952. Coppicing and regular surveys of wildlife are carried out by volunteers and there are no chemicals, fertilisers or vehicles allowed to disturb the progress of the meadows.

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Newtown Range and Jersey Camp Information Sheet

Jersey Camp’s position on the Isle of Wight means there is much to offer in the way of Adventure training. The island has 600 miles of tracks and paths that are suitable for orienteering, walking, pony trekking, hill walking, cycling and mountain biking. The surrounding waters offer plenty of opportunities for sailing, windsurfing, canoeing as well as other water sports. The camp is suitable for conducting The Duke of Edinburgh's expeditions up to the silver award.

Jersey Camp
Locks Green
Isle Of Wight
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