D Detachment 202 (Midlands) Field Hospital

Field Hospitals are highly flexible and mobile hospitals designed to deploy into the field either under canvas or in empty buildings. They are fully staffed and equipped to provide the highest standards of care and treatment for soldiers injured while on military operations.
D Det 202 Field Hospital, along with other Squadrons in the Field Hospital, is made up of dedicated healthcare professionals, disciplines including doctors (including surgeons), anaesthetists, nurses of all specialities, dental surgeons, dental nurses, radiographers, biomedical scientists, operating theatre technicians and pharmacy technicians.

We train every Tuesday from 19.30-21.30 plus one or two weekends a month.

Edward Brooks Barracks
Cholswell Road
OX13 6HW
Tel: 01235 548021
Email: 202hosp-DDet-psao@mod.uk