63 Military Intelligence Company

The Intelligence Corps provides commanders at all levels with intelligence products and predictive intelligence analysis in order to inform their decision-making. As an Operator Military Intelligence, our personnel are trained in the twin disciplines of Operational Intelligence and Counter Intelligence. Operational Intelligence is about the fusing of information gathered from a wide variety of sources to create a profile of the enemy; their locations, key figures and tactics. Using their analytical skills, the challenge for the Operator Military Intelligence is to assess what the opponent’s courses of action are and predict what will happen next. Counter Intelligence seeks to safeguard Army and Defence assets, including personnel, from both traditional and non-traditional threats, in concert with partners from all Services and civilian law enforcement agencies.
In 63 MI Company we support our Regular Army partner, 6 MI Battalion, in providing Close Support Operational Intelligence analysts and Counter Intelligence operators to the Army and wider Defence. Opportunities also exist to specialise various aspects of intelligence.   

We Train from 1930-2130 hrs on Wednesdays.  Plus weekends throughout the training year

Army Reserve Centre
Water Eaton Road
Tel: 01384 394543
Email: 6MI-63-PSAO@mod.uk