133 Recovery Company REME

The task of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) is to ensure the operational fitness of Army equipment. Whilst there has always been a requirement for qualified tradesmen and engineers, REME has been particularly key to recent operations with soldiers deploying to Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq.
The principal role of 133 Workshop is to repair Army equipment which is too badly damaged to be repaired close to the front line and which has been moved back to a secure location in the area of operations.
All soldiers joining 133 Workshop Company are offered the very best training in general soldiering skills – physical fitness, fieldcraft and weapon handling before progressing on to learn valuable trade skills.

We train every Tuesday from 20.00-22.30 plus one or two weekends a month.

Army Reserve Centre
Sir Henry Brackenbury Road
TN23 3HX
Tel: 01233 645161
Email: Tekbahadur.Gharti900@mod.gov.uk