295 (Hampshire Yeomanry) Air Defence Battery RA

 295th (Hampshire Yeomanry) Battery, is an Army Reserve sub-unit based on the SOUTH-COAST, whose role is to reinforce the British Army’s Regular Air Defence Regiments. We operate the Royal Artillery’s Short Range, Ground Based Close Air Defence System utilising the latest Surface-to-Air, High Velocity Missile (HVM), Lightweight Multiple Launcher (LML) tripod-based system. With integrated surveillance and detection systems, it is designed to counter the threat of low flying, ground attack aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles and attack helicopters.
Roles within the Battery include:
·         Missile operators & Commanders (Strike Role)
·         Signallers / Communications
·         Physical Training Instructors (PTI)
·         Artillery Logistics / storeman, managing and providing Stores & equipment
·         Drivers / Driving Qualifications CAT B (Car), C, C+E (HGV) & D (PCV, Coach and minibus)
·         Medics / (RAMC) & (RA) positions / Limited number of CMT Roles.
·         HR administrator / SPS Unit Clerks (AGC)
·         Chefs / (RLC)


We train every Wednesday evening from 1930-2130, with 1 – 2 weekends each month, and a 16-day camp once each year.
Types of training opportunities conducted on Drill nights, weekends and online:
·         General Military, Soldiering & Infantry skills
·         Relevant department Trade Training
·         Monthly equipment checks and preparation
·         Wide range of Interest lessons, such as regimental history and guest speakers
·         Opportunities to upgrade your academic qualifications
·         Sports and social events and activities
·         Driver training
·         Weapons training & live Firing
·         Opportunities to request wider training according to personal interests

295 Bty Royal Artillery, Army Reserve Centre, Peronne road, Hilsea, Portsmouth, PO3 5LE
Thinking of joining the Army Reserves or need more information about 295 Bty
Email: steven.williams169@mod.gov.uk or 106RA-295-ReMSO@mod.gov.uk 
Regimental Mentoring Support Officer (ReMSO) TEL: Civilian 02392 675898
General enquiries for 295 Bty RA Email: 106RA-295-BtyHR@mod.gov.uk ,
HR Admin Officer, TEL: Military 94295 3220, Civilian 02392 675820 - 0900-1600 Mon - Fri
Permanent Staff Admin Officer (PSAO): 106RA-295-PSAO@mod.gov.uk  

If you are interested in Joining the army Reserves log on to WWW.armyjobs.co.uk and sign up now OR call the National Recruiting Centre (NRC) on: 0345 600 80 80