457 (Hampshire Yeomanry) Battery RA

457 Battery is part of 106 Regiment Royal Artillery whose role is to reinforce Regular Air Defence Regiments.
Members of the Battery primary role is to to operate the latest Close Air Support Weapon - the High Velocity Missile (HVM) against ground attack from aircraft and helicopters.
The Battery works in small units of 4 man teams (two missile operators, a driver and a signaller).
Members of the Battery have served in recent Operations in both Afghanistan and Iraq. In addition members of the Battery have trained all over the world from Canada to Gibraltar to the Falkland Islands.

We train every Tuesday from 8:00pm - 10Pm plus one or two weekends a month.  Training includes: Royal Artillery specific roles, general soldiering skills, weapon handling and field craft.

Army Reserve Centre
Blighmont Barracks
Millbrook Road 
SO15 0AJ
Tel: 02380 725025
Email: john.groves985@mod.uk