CIS Troop 8 Engineer Brigade RE

The Corps of Royal Engineers is unique with all our "Sappers" being multi skilled soldiers, Combat Engineers and tradesmen working alongside all parts of the Army. We play a vital role in the effectiveness of the British Army and the United Kingdom in both peacetime and on operations.
As a Royal Engineer we are Soldiers first, Combat Engineers and Artisans second helping all parts of the Armed Forces to Live, Move and Fight.
The Communication Information Systems (CIS) Troop is a small unit that is based in Aldershot that provides Command Support to Headquarters 8 Engineer Brigade to deliver Operational success on Operations.

CIS Troop supports  Headquarters 8 Engineer Brigade when its units deploy. Mobilising as individuals to deploy on exercises or Operations in the UK and abroad.

We deploy alongside one of the many Royal Engineer units, enabling you to gain valuable military experience whilst working with regular soldiers.
To enable this the troop has a diverse group of cap badges and trade sets. Some of the trades available within the troop are as follows:

  • Combat Engineer - Royal Engineers

  • Communications Information Systems (CIS)- Royal Engineers

  • Driver - Royal Engineers

  • Electrician - Royal Engineers

  • Chef - Royal Logistics Corps

  • Clerk - Adjutant Generals Corps

Combat Engineer
Your always a Combat Engineer first as a Royal Engineer and you will learn the basics up to technical engineering skills on varied courses, you will learn Basic construction, prepare and initiate demolitions, Supply fresh clean drinking water, construct field fortifications, maintain and clear obstacles and build bridges.
Communication Information Systems (CIS)
As a CIS operator you will operate and communicate using various means of data communications and radios systems, satellite communications and ancillaries providing secure voice and data communications in the field on exercise and Operations.
Military Engineer Driver
A Military driver is trained and licenced to drive and maintain various different vehicle platforms varing from Landrover up to 15 Tonne trucks on road and crosscountry.
Military Chef
The troop has opportunities for Military Chefs who are trained in preparing food in challenging circumstances, in barracks and on the move in field kitchens on exercises and on Operations feeding the troops.
Military Clerk
The troop has opportunities for Combat Human Resources Specialist (CHRS) who provide Human Resources, administration and financial support to the troop.
How Do I Join? You can join by contacting our Recruiting member in any one of our Army Reserve Centres or by visiting a local Armed Forces Careers Office.

We train every Tuesday from 19.30-21.30 plus one weekend a month.

Seely House
Shoe Lane
GU11 2HJ
Tel: 01252 914001