710 Op Hygiene Squadron RLC

710 is an Army Reserve unit based out of Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire. 710 is part of 165 Port & Maritime Regiment RLC.
Our trade is Operational Hygiene (OH) which in simple terms is the provision of showering and laundry facilities to military personnel…an ESSENTIAL welfare service.
Our primary role is in support of Army Medical Services supporting field hospitals which involve laundering theatre greens, bedding and hospital staff/casualties uniforms to a clinically clean standard. We will also provide shower facilities to be used as a scrub for the operating theatres. 
We do have a supporting role in providing OH capability to the field army during pre-deployment exercises etc however this is more of a peacetime capability.
The OH equipment came in to service in 2005/06 and comprises of two parts, The Laundry Transportable (LT) and the Personal Sanitation-Portable (PS-P), which is a mobile field shower unit.
Each LT is capable of operating for up to 20 hrs in any 24 hr period and laundering approximately 200 quarter bags a day.
The PS-P is capable of showering up to 15 personnel at a time, giving an anticipated throughput of 60 personnel per hour, and it is also capable of operating for up to 18 hrs in any 24 hr period.

Theres something for everyone in 710!
Lets not forget, our primary role is being a soldier, our trade skills is a added benefit! If soldiering is your thing then we are actively looking for military instructors (Skill at Arms, Range Management, BCD, CBRN etc), Basically if there is a course that you want to complete that will benefit the Squadron and Regiment as a whole then we will support you. We also require other qualifications such as Drivers (Landrover, LGV, minibus etc), Chefs and Storeman to name a few!
In summary, you can specialise in the trade aspects of the training, focus on the military instructional/skills side of military life or become an all-rounder with a blend of the 2 areas…alongside the other qualifications and skills the Squadron requires there is truly SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE!

Why do we do it?
We recognise that OH may not be the most sought after trade within the British Army, so why are we so passionate and enthusiastic about our trade?
There are a host of reasons, the main being that we are a wanted commodity. We provide a vital welfare service that is genuinely appreciated by the personnel we support. It is uplifting seeing the change in character and spirit of those soldiers before and after they use the service we provide, appreciation which is openly shared to our troops.
Within the Regular Army, the OH trade has moved between numerous trades with the RLC (e.g. Supply, Pioneer, Port & Maritime), each time this happened much of expertise was lost. The one constant has been 710 and as a result are seen as the Subject Matter Experts in the field of OH e.g. our team regularly support the Laundry Training Wing in training both Regular and Army Reserve personnel.

Finally, we actively perform our role in live taskings and regularly deploy overseas. We support deployments for 9 months of the year including locations such as Canada, Morocco and Holland.

Tuesday Evening 19:30 21:00 

710 (RBH) Operational Hygiene Squadron
165 Port & Maritime Regiment
The Royal Logistic Corps
Army Reserve Centre
Viney House, Oxford Road
HP19 8RN
Tel: 01296 744 536