871 Postal & Courier Squadron RLC

As a Postal and Courier Operator you will be responsible for the provision of the full range of postal facilities and the movement of Armed Forces mail during peace and times of conflict. Providing the all-important morale component to service personnel and thereby undertaking a key role in support to the Armed Forces.
In addition to providing postal support, Postal and Courier Operators are responsible for the movement of the nation’s military secrets as well as assisting other governmental bodies, when documentation or equipment needs to be hand delivered by whatever means, it’s up to you to get it there.

The Squadron forms part of a Logistic Support Regiment responsible for providing Reserve Force Postal and Courier and Movement Control capability.
Whatever your background or occupation we will have a role for you. Training is challenging and rewarding. You will learn new skills that will assist in your personal development.
The commitment is one evening a week and one weekend a month. As well as a two-week annual camp when you may have the opportunity to exercise overseas.
You will be given the opportunity to do something different, paid to train in your spare time and earn a tax-free bounty.

We train Every Tuesday from 10.00-21.00hrs

Army Reserve Centre
Youens House
Old Horns Lane
Tel: 01494 652002
Email: stuart.blair-monger107@mod.gov.uk